Friday, December 22, 2006

A more realistic machine for me

As I may have mentioned, a new sewing machine is one of my current obsessions. I think about those when I should be cleaning my house or cooking. I stopped in at Sewing Machine Express to see what they would recommend in the "bargain" category. Here's what Marie showed me...a Janome, which comes recommended by my friend Pat Sloan, and Marie the salesperson, who my friend Lisa has maybe this is the one. Marie's not a quilter but she knows her stitches. I'm sure it will never sew as well for me as it did for her, but that would be true of any machine. I played with it a little and I'm sure the Bernina would help me more to make good quilts, but this one could actually come home with me. Stay tuned. And, uh, if the link to the picture is broken, I'll fix it soon.

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