Friday, December 15, 2006

My Inspiration Journal

We've had such a good time this week, visiting with Pat Sloan. She's so much fun! And we've been able to take some "classes" for photography for her 2 upcoming books, Learn to Machine Quilt and Take the Fear Out of Color. Here are some photos from the classes...behind the scenes action. When you see them in the book, these models are going to look even more amazing, I'm sure. Since I'm equal opportunity in my posting of pictures, when the others are available, I'll post some of me. Since the photostylist was laughing at them, I'm sure they're going to be great. Just great.

I wanted to earn some extra points after the machine quilting class, so I went home last night...after meeting with my group for the penultimate time (that would be next-to-last), after unloading my car, after waiting in line at Subway, after eating my dinner, after putting away allllll my fabric (from the world's smallest laundry basket), and I.....worked on my inspiration journal from the color book. I actually worked on my inspiration journal. I can't believe it myself. I actually sewed something. Last night. Weird. Maybe that's a sign of things to come.

Pat being "styled"

Students waiting patiently

The inspiration journal in progress

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