Sunday, December 17, 2006

Balmy December

Haven't done very exciting stuff this weekend and I've enjoyed every minute. I actually made it to my first nephew baskeball game of the season. I only made it to one football game so I've got to do better with basketball. It was a gut-wrenching loss,11 to 18, not very high scoring but they like to scrap. My nephew is number 3, and look at the size of the other team. Usually the Johnson kid is the one looming over the other players. These guys must have flunked fourth grade or something.

It's also been a good weekend for crafy-ness. I actually shopped in a quilt store...Pinwheel Fabrics in Bryant...just in case I want to work on the project for Pat's color book. I also manhandled my machine and it's doing better at the free-motion quilting thing. So far, I've only done the grid on my panel. I'm going to go all "free-motion" on it next.
And I finished my inspiration journal cover.
And I took Darcy for a panting walk at our favorite park.
And I took her to that park with the top down on my car.
And I did some Christmas shopping and washed some dishes, but there's so much more to do to get ready for the big extravaganza. I'm going to hunt for recipes tonight.
Oh, and I worked on my presentation. So far I'm at 6 minutes on my 4 slides. Doesn't sound too bad except I need to be under 4 minutes. Talk less? Now that's tough. Talk fast? That part's easier.

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