Wednesday, December 13, 2006


(Don't you just love when people add endings to words to make new words. I have it on good authority that writers are supposed to create new words, so I'm going with "webcastic" instead of "webcastilicious" because it's just too hard to spell.)
Yesterday was a fun day-taped a podcast with Pat in the studio. These are pictures from the event.

Here's the set, close up so you can't see the wall and floors of many colors.
This shows the quilts of Take the Fear Out of Color by Pat Sloan.

And this one shows the quilts of Learn to Machine Quilt with Pat Sloan.

Okay, these are candid shots of the two of us, just chatting after all the excitement was over. And they were taken by a professional photographer. In the first one, Pat looks a little like she's just humoring the lady with the runaway hair. Oh, and also it looks like maybe I should have tucked my shirt in. Sigh, hope that doesn't show in the real thing.

And in this one, it looks like Pat was right to humor me. I think if you look closely at my eyes, they're glowing red. So, I look angry AND possessed. I hope I didn't try that look in the real thing. This is a very good illustration of why I just don't need to watch me in action.

And here's a shot of our marks...where we had to put our feet so that we were in the shot correctly. We were very close, but we follow instructions well. As I recall, I promised Pat her shoes would never show. I thought it was true, but this just shows that you never know what's going to happen around here!

Yesterday was just a good day. Webcast in the morning, Eagle party in the afternoon and getting to leave early, AND it was 72 degrees when I that means driving my car for the first time with the top down. I felt like a new woman by the time I got home yesterday. It was a good thing, too, because I needed the energy boost to head over to Blossom Quiltworks. Pat and the ladies there are high energy folks, and it was fun. I'll post pictures of that event tomorrow.

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