Monday, January 22, 2007

Another zipper in my future

In response to Joan's challenge, I made a Mod bag from the Bold Bags leaflet, but what I really wanted to do, to be a true Lazy, was to make a Runaround bag because it looks like the perfect size for me, especially for tradeshows. And I did already have the perfect fabric. I can almost see it all in my head. So, what does Joan the Challenge-er do? She sends me not 1, not 2, but 3 patterns for my enjoyment and edification. So now, I'm going to make my very own Runaround bag and accompanying Wonder Wallet...and I might even get them done in time for the CHA show. The perfect tradeshow bag should also be perfect for Disneyland.

On another Lazy note, I'm thinking that Joan may need a new name for her Lazies. Joan's been kind enough to forward pictures of actual, live, real completed projects made by super-Lazy Bobbie. If you do what we do (those of us here at Leisure Arts), you come to suspect that many people have large collections of lovely coffee table publications featuring the designs that we sell as instructional leaflets. They have good intentions when they buy them and then they get sidetracked. After all, why would they be any different than we are? Ok, than I am, anyway? So to see bags actually completed is such a pleasure! We've gotten great feedback on how easy to use this Exclusively You product is and we all know the instructions are, well, written the Lazy way. But Bobbie has gone above and beyond! Here are some pictures a couple of the bags she's completed and a link to Deepika's review of Exclusively You. If you get the Leisure Arts newsletter, you'll see it all this week (I think).

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Lazy Girl said...

Hi Cheryl,

The Lazies and I are wondering if Leisure Arts knew what they were getting into when they crossed paths with us?

Thank you for sharing these beautiful creations with your readers!

Joan Hawley
Lazy Girl Designs