Sunday, January 21, 2007

Too many choices

Since I am the Queen of Snap Decisions, I did make a stop at Bedford on my way to my birthday dinner and I did make a large purchase. I worked on Saturday and handled the logistics of transferring the doggie door to Darcy's home-away-from-home next weekend. Then on Sunday, I read the instructions. And read the instructions. And then read some more instructions. And I became frightened. I'm hoping that all will be made clear in the course of my 6 week class at Bedford. Whenever I start this sort of thing, I have the nagging feeling I'll be the backward one in the class...doesn't matter what kind of class. And I always feel this pressure to know everything already, be the best in the class...doesn't matter what kind of class. I hope I can loosen up a little and just have some fun with this one.

Anyway, here's a sample of what I figured out how to do. I took it off of auto-focus, and it still looks pretty focused to me. The coolest part is the real-life shutter sound that you hear. Darcy was my only model, and she didn't really understand the significance of me giving her modeling directions, so I basically just got the same looks I always do. On the up-side, you can at least tell her eyes are brown.

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