Monday, January 08, 2007

Oh, no she didn'

So this morning, I sit down happily in front of my massive Mac screen and open up my lovely e-mail. Guess what's waiting...1. a Lazy Girl blog posting, featuring my gigantic face. And if that's not upsetting enough, 2. said blog contains a challenge. A public challenge. A challenge to me. Specifically. From the Lazy Girl herself. A challenge to make a Lazy Girl bag.

And I said..."Oh, no she didn'" (with a neck roll and 3 snaps in a Z formation).
To which Joan replied..."Oh, yes she di'id"
So now, I guess my next project is going to be a bag of some persuasion. Stay tuned.


Lazy Girl said...

I see you've accepted my challenge - Excellent!

Here are the rules:
No deadline
Choose any Lazy design you like
Send a picture when complete for verification
No pressure...but I did announce my personal and public challenge to the 3,000 members of my Yahoo group. So, you have a small audience watching. :-)

Ready, set, get Lazy!

Joan Hawley
Lazy Girl Designs

Susie in northern NY said...

I'll be watching how this unfolds but SEEING she may be addicted to yarn I hope I live long enough to see her challenge fullfilled. :)
Susie in northern NY