Thursday, January 25, 2007

Runaround and Wonder Wallet

I brought my new bag to work yesterday to show around...and then I left it here, so I couldn't get a shot of the wallet. So, thanks to teamwork, I took one this morning here at work to post (but don't tell anyone). The bag and wallet are made from the Fig Tree Cinnamon Stars line from Moda. I just loved it when we were out shopping for something else, so I bought a collection of fat quarters...and now here they are, all grown up.

1 comment:

Susie said...

Wonderful Wonder Wallet Cheryl. :)
Love the button. Great job.
Yes, we had one black lab for 13 years and another for 17 and 1/2. Now I have a black lab Granddogger. :) She is a one eyed pup with lots of personality. :)