Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Hey" to all the Lazies up in here!

Just thought I'd drop a line to say "Hey, y'all" to all the Lazy Girls around here. You guys are great, and it's been so nice to get a warm welcome. I Heart (nice) Comments, so thanks to everyone who's leaving them! And a special thanks the head Lazy Girl, Joan, for being so great to work with and having such nice friends. Even if you did call me out and all that. You probably didn't know how well it would work. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, since I enjoyed the process.


Lazy Girl said...

Hi Cheryl,

On behalf of the Lazies everywhere, welcome to the club. We could see the Lazy in you right off the bat, but felt your inner-Lazy could use some fostering. Thank you for forgive us for nudging you in that direction with our public challenge.

Your initiation is over, honey. You've achieved the status of Lazy Girl.

Have a great trip to CHA and give your new Runaround Bag and Wonder Wallet a test run.

Thank you for being such a good sport!

Queen Lazy

pat sloan said...

Better be careful Ms. Cheryl... or my Sloanie's will be assigning you QUILTS to make! ...or .. if you have loads of time.. I'll assign you some for the books.. LOL!

Pat Sloan

pat sloan said...

Ms. Cheryl you better be careful or the Sloanies will start assigning you quilts to make! Or better yet..with all this free time you have I'll send you fabric to make quilts for the books... LOL!

Love you!
Pat Sloanie #1