Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Why there was no post on Wednesday

I had grand plans of making an inspiring post Wednesday night when I made it home at the reasonable hour of 6:30. I did not, however, plan on the difficulty getting home that a little snow can cause, so I made it home around the unreasonable hour of 9:30. After I managed to peel my hands from the steering wheel and managed to blink for the first time in hours, I decided to wait until a better time. I left the hotel in Anaheim at a little after 9:00, very early for an 11:50 flight, only to find out that everything was delayed for one hour because of snow in Dallas. Then on the plane, we were delayed another 30 minutes. Connecting flights were also delayed, but only for 40 minutes...meaning I had something like 15 minutes to make it from one terminal to another to make my connection. Hot, sweaty, and out of breath, I made it and was glad of it.

Then, of course, it was snowing...really snowing in Little Rock. So the driving part of my portion took over 2 hours, instead of the around 40 minutes it should have. The only trouble I had was at the hill leading to my subdivision. First, I told Darcy to hold on tight. Then I showed my delicate convertible the air over my house which represented close we car gave it one more try and we slipped and slid and spun up the hill and on into the garage. And the best part is that due to the snow and the prediction of 2 more rounds of it coming, I'm having a snow day at home. Yes! So, long story short, here comes my first post.

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