Thursday, February 01, 2007

The pre-CHA post

Since I left Little Rock before the crack of dawn on Saturday, I had a nice afternoon to get into trouble in Anaheim. I had planned to do so at one of the Disneyland theme parks, but it was too cold for me. I think there must have been some polar bears in the crowd, though. They were easy to identify: shorts and T's while I was wearing jeans, and about 3 layers of shirt...and I was cold. So, since I am sometimes flexible, I went shopping with Mary. It was fun and we didn't die in a horrible traffic accident. A happy ending all around.

CHA 009
Our first L.A. stop was at Suss Designs. This is Suss Cousins' shop. She's the author of books like Hollywood Knits, designer of the Shiloh and Suri sweaters. There was yarn. I bought some. Luckily, Suss was there preparing for a show in her shop so we got to meet her and see the wedding dress from her newest book, Wedding Knits, on display. Mary showed me around and helped me spend my money. Thanks, Mary.

This is what Amazon says about Hollywood Knits.
Knitting has made a thoroughly modern comeback, and Hollywood designer Suss Cousins is leading the way. Suss has invented a new vocabulary of an old art, and in the process developed a passionate following of young, hip knitters, including some of Hollywood's hottest stars: Rose McGowan, Julia Sweeney, Laurence Fishburne, and Bill Cosby among them. Thirty projects with complete step-by-step instructions and illustrations are featured in Hollywood Knits, happily modeled by icons of Hollywood chic, such as Julianne Moore and Chanel model Kirsty Hume.

The next stop was at The Knitter's Studio. We had such a great chat with the ladies there about yarn stores and yarn sales, and we kept them there past closing time. The shop definitely has the "Oooh" factor. As soon as you walk in, you are surrounded by all varieties of yarn, divided by color. This is a great place, so check out the link. Since Mary helped me get started spending money, I didn't need any more help and purchased all alone here. Thanks, Mary.

Here's a picture of what I bought.
CHA 036

CHA 013
We stopped at the Farmer's Market to eat. We went for burgers at Johnny Rocket's...and a view of the CBS buildings. It was a dark and rainy night. We didn't see much else.

Here are some miscellaneous pictures.
The view from my balcony.
CHA 003
My Runaround bag on my freshly made bed (I heart hotels.)
CHA 002

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Lazy Girl said...

Hi Cheryl,

I have really enjoyed your trip reports for the CHA show.

Great job and thanks for bringing us along with you.

Lazy Girl