Friday, February 09, 2007

Arctic mosquitoes

This is a bonus post because I thought it kind of funny. It's really cold here today. For me, 30 degrees is really cold. Bridges icing so I have to find a roundabout way to get to work is really cold. As I'm heading for Minneapolis next weekend, I'm currently shivering in my shoes, imagining what -4 feels like. The upside is that while we'll be at 58 degrees next weekend, according to, Minneapolis will be around 30 degrees. I can survive that. I think. But this mosquito warning gave me pause to think. What kind of mosquitoes do they have in Minnesota? We have mosquitoes...lots of mosquitoes...but not usually at 30 degrees. So in addition to a winter parka and mukluks, I also need a can of Off.


Anonymous said...

Cheryl...just have to chuckle. I am a native Minnesotan and I can assure you that you won't need to bring a can of 'Off'. It was -22 this morning and only furry things can survive around here. The mosquitoes are in hibernation. However, should you want to come when it is warm and humid you will indeed find the little critters and they will bite you!!

Dress warm because it will be a miracle if it reaches 30 for the week end.

Sharon said...

Another Minnesotan here. As Crazy in Pieces said, we've been in the midst of a cold, cold, cold weather pattern. If it reaches 30 degrees next weekend we might all be outside with a bottle of suntan lotion enjoying one of the few times during the year that we don't have mosquitoes!