Thursday, February 15, 2007

G-getting ready for Min-n-n-ne-ap-p-po-lis

That's me shivering in my shoes. It's cold here. It's cold-er there. But I think I'm ready. I've borrowed a hat. I should be set, right? OK, maybe not. I still have a few things to work out in the wardrobe section, a few million dog-gie things ready for Darcy's overnight(s) stay, a few gazillion dog hairs to try to get cleaned up so I can come home to a clean house...that's my mother coming out in me. She never left for a trip until she'd cleaned up the house. My only excuse is that I travel way more than she the gazillion dog hairs may or may not be addressed before I go.

I haven't checked the weather again. The threat of mosquitos has kind of turned me off of I think the last time I looked the expected high on Saturday was 24 with snow. That will be just fine.

To all my Minnesotan friends, if you're in the area, stop by the Mall of America. It's time for Knit-Out and Crochet 2007 (Don't you feel a little sorry for "crochet" as it appears to be just tacked on to the real star?) There will be all kinds of hoo-ha going shows, authors, fastest knitter/crocheter, lessons...and me! Come see me. I'll feel like such a rock star! For everybody else, check back for updates. I'll try to get some posts in while I'm there, but if not, come back on Wednesday.

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