Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In Minneapolis, even the dogs wear sweaters

Minneapolis 0140010
I think this trip to Minneapolis for the 2007 Knit-Out might have earned me a little "knit cred". I was able to discuss knittery well-enough to fool some people all of the time even if I didn't fool all of the people. It was an unbelieveable 2 days, filled with great, lively conversation with knitters and crocheters of all abilities. We had lines of people standing in front of the booth, waiting patiently to get a little closer to the models (and the freebies...always a good thing.) Hold on, because this could be a long one.

To start off, I have to tell you about how "un-smart" I can be. I had an 8:15 flight out of Little Rock. I woke up at 6:36...instead of the 4:00 a.m. I had intended. I literally scooped clothes out of the dryer, crammed them in a suitcase, and left...flying on ice-ish roads to the airport 30 minutes away. Little Rock is a small airport and usually I spend lots of time trying to check in and get through security...and now I really really believe in answered prayer. I whizzed right through both and was sitting in a chair at the gate at 7:25. I have no idea how that works, but I know TSA had some interesting conversations...unfolded clothes with dollar bills static-ed to the sleeves crammed in a suitcase. Wonder how many times they've seen that?

Minneapolis 0120008
After a cancelled flight, Cheryl and I (the other Cheryl) made it to Minneapolis. We had a change in the line-up and called in Mary as a late-addition. What a good decision that turned out to be. So, we made it to the Mall of America around dinner time, and we did what came naturally...ate. Then waited for the mall to close to begin...which involved climbing in the crate. I wish I had pictures of that. Anyway, we gave up around midnight.

Minneapolis 0090006
This is a picture taken about 9:30, before we were even "open for business." The Knit Out hours were 10:00 to 5:00...and I talked from about 9:15 when we started set up while answering curious questions of passers-by to 5:15 when we finally managed to box it all up. By noon, my voice was coming and going...but what fun! Everyone was really so very nice and excited, and I enjoyed talking about it all. And I got to talk to a blog reader, Sharon from Sharon Sews (http://sharonsews.blogspot.com/). I was so EXCITED! I did manage to take out a little time and run over to see the dog fashion show. We limped up to Bubba Gump's for dinner, but were revived enough to take thorough stock of the Archivers store there in the Mall. If you have an Archivers, you lucky dog. If you don't, it's a scrapbook/card making/paper place and it's nice. Very nice.
Minneapolis 0180012

On Sunday, we did it all over again...nice people, great questions, lots of excitement, no voice, and no lunch. I've never been to the New York Knit Out, but I get this feeling that knitters are like quilters...just very nice people, no matter where you're from (I lost count of how many times I answered that question this time around.) Then on Monday, the real fun began. We went shopping. I shopped. I shopped for a long time. I did some damage to my checking account. I shopped enough to have to ship things home. I don't shop. But this time, I shopped. I found bargains. Lots of bargains. Not as many as Cheryl did, but still better than I usually do. And I managed to make it under the weight restriction to get my suitcase home. I loved it. I want to go back. I am sick.
Minneapolis 0250014
Minneapolis 0270015

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