Monday, March 05, 2007

Photography homework

So this weekend, I battled to try to get a great, fabulous, stupendous, super-de-duper shot of something...basically, just anything. My nephew was playing baseball in Hot Springs this weekend, so I took a little extra time down there and tried for some fabulousness. And everything is overexposed. AGAIN! (Cursing and mumbling under my breath.) Here's what I've come up with so far to turn in. I have to leave work on time today so that I can get over to Bedford's to have my less than outstanding shot printed. Sigh.

1. The assignment is to work on aperture. See how the closest bird is sharp, but each bird gets fuzzier further down the line, the fence is blurry, etc. I did that by setting my aperture (lens opening) as big as it would go. When you do that, the chances are that you're going to be overexposed. These aren't, thus the turning in of this as opposed to all my artistic shots. In the second shot, the second bird is in focus, so the first bird is a little blurry and then those down the line get blurrier.

On the first bottle shot, I focused on the tallest object in the series, the opening of the bottle (if you look closely, you can also see the cobwebs in the bottle. I'm that good at housekeeping.) The shorter bottles are blurry and the knit paraphenalia on the floor is completely out of focus. In the second bottle shot, the shortest bottle is in focus and some of the marbles inside the bottle (and you can see more detail on the knitting stuff and my socky foot which made it into the shot but I cropped it out).
2. I needed a series of things. Those bluebirds don't really live there on the windowsill. And they were my mom's so they were inherited. I don't collect birds. Please don't send me any. I have enough.

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