Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Some (overexposed. sigh.) Hot Springs pics

So here is a very, very, very, very small percentage of the shots I took Sunday while I was running amok in Hot Springs. I'm lucky enough to live about 30 minutes away from Hot Springs, which if you aren't from around here, is a great vacation destination. Hot Springs National Park has lakes and mountains, good hiking and fishing and stuff like that. Hot Springs itself also has nice shopping, restaurants, and places to see. It is also famously (one of) the homes of Bill Clinton (who is also famously from a place called Hope just down the road a bit).

I went down to Bath House Row to take some shots and then I drove up to West Summit (and almost had a full blown panic attack...I got out to take a picture on this deserted road and my door wouldn't open when I tried to get back in. And of course, the car's running and my cell phone's inside it. The window's in 2 pieces and the front part got wedged in behind the back part and it WOULD NOT OPEN! Ran around to the other side which happened to be unlocked...and finally realized that I could roll the window down. The door opened and I could breathe again.)

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