Thursday, March 22, 2007

Third Place

Yes, the results are tulip shot won third place! OK, so third place out of 12 might not be as impressive as third place out of 100, but I still feel pretty good about finishing with a bronze (if I were in the Olympics of beginner photography classes). I'd say a ribbon, but I don't really know what color ribbon you get for third place. White? Anyway, I didn't really get a ribbon or a medal. I got something better! Third place got me a gift certificate to the camera shop...and I'm pretty excited about it.

Now, maybe I'll have something other than a photography blog! Stay tuned to see what happens. I did think about entering a photography contest that our zoo is having and went to the zoo yesterday on my day off (after cleaning my house and working on taxes...deep breaths). I was thinking about posting some more, uh, pictures tomorrow of the zoo trip.

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