Friday, April 27, 2007

First Stop-Adare, then Killarney

Our first stop on the Ireland tour was Adare, a really pretty place with thatched cottages, a beautiful church, and, yes, the perfect place for a quilt shop. Jean and I were plotting our return and the layout of the "to let" cottage on the main street. Here we had our tradional Irish lunch of a ham and cheese sandwich, but Jean was pleasantly surprised to also find iced tea available. Of course, that didn't last, but at the time she had no idea!

Here's a shot of the beautiful church, too. I have plenty of those, so you'll probably see more.

After lunch, we motored on to the town we'd be staying in for 4 nights--Killarney. It's a really pretty tourist area with good shopping, a really nice park area, and pubs. I have no pub pictures. I know there are some. But...that's all related back to the whole "what happens in Ireland stays in Ireland" pact. Anyway, enjoy these photos.

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