Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Zoo again

I made another trip over to the zoo to try to get a show-stopper photo to enter in the photography contest. It was another great day...lots of animals and I saw a lion and a gorilla charge the glass and chase away spectators. Of course, sometimes I think the people act more like they should be kept in pens than the animals, but I like fuzzy animals. What can I say?
#1 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Food

#2 Shiny Otter in the Swimming Hole

#3 and #4 The Swift Moving Red Panda. Hard to Catch, but Worth a Glimpse

#5 Dos Rhinos

#6 Man & Wife. He's all: "Look at the length and total fluffitude of my magnificent tail." and then she's all: "Yep, I've seen it all before."

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#7 Ocelot says, "Can you hear me now? Really? Is that the best you've got?"
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1 comment:

Regina said...

Love the two rhinos -they seem to be in the same pose!

I like the one of the otter also - I like otter's faces, and zoomed and cropped to his face just to see what it would look like. With all the sparkly water around, it looked cool -with that suggestion of the long body off to the right of the photo.

Hope you find an entry that makes the judges stand up and take notice!

Wish I could get to the zoo - still a bit chilly for that in western NY. Snow in the forecast tomorrow! Ick!