Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Power of Photoshop

For some reason, this picture of me sort of makes me feel a little squirmy. When I saw it yesterday placed in a quilt publication, I felt this uncomfortable flush creeping up. It's me...only improved...but not that much. We've started adding a letter from the editor to our publications and, for knit, crochet, and quilt, that's me. That means my photo and letter could be in as many as 7 publications a month. The letters are also me...only more official. I'm doing my best to write my own. Some people who buy the books might also read the blog (I hope), so it should be my voice, not another (better) writer, right? I do like to write, but the whole "official" aspect of it makes it a little more difficult. Yesterday I wracked my brain trying to write a biography for a contributor's page in our iSeries books. Really, shouldn't my own biography be pretty simple to write? Anyway, if you see a letter about how much I crochet, just remember I'm working on it! And so far I've written about how much I love sweaters, over and over. Who doesn't love sweaters? They're comfortable and I do usually think ours are great. What else can I say?? Today, it's back to the biography. Thank goodness someone else will pizzazz it up!

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