Tuesday, May 08, 2007

And some Salt Lake City shots

Now, all the people who see these shots are not going to believe me anymore. When I travel, the first question I usually get is "How was your trip?" when I make it back to the office. Lately, I've had some travel difficulty to complain about, but this time, the biggest downer was the weather in SLC...cold, rainy, windy, cold, windy, and a little snow thrown in for good measure...but there were some outbreaks of sun. The pretty shot of the convention center (and windmills) was taken from my hotel room balcony...the morning before we flew home.

Debra and I were lucky enough to get to SLC in time to have a chance to walk a couple of blocks to Temple Square...in the rain, cold, and wind. While we were there, the sun came out. And then on Saturday afternoon after we walked the show floor, I walked (slowly, painfully, but determined to see something else of SLC) over to The Gateway to see the Olympic fountain (and get a book fix at Barnes & Noble) and walked back in the snow (not much, but it IS May after all).

A few Temple shots, post rain.

This is the fountain at the Gateway and a bride getting her picture made in front of it...in the rain. It's a very nice open-air mall from what I could see...in the rain. You walk through an old train station with very pretty stained glass windows (and it's dry...and warm inside).

And I took the pictures of the little sheep dressed up to do construction work for a couple of reasons. They were at the Utah Woolen Mills which brought back fond memories and a slight glaze to my eye remembering my whirlwind shopping extravaganza at Blarney Woolen Mills. And all the Ireland girls just loved the sheep. I thought they might visit me and love these too. I did have a chance to talk to the Pams at the show. It was nice to see my some of my Ireland buddies!

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