Monday, May 07, 2007

Quilt Market update

It's always a struggle for me to get my posts and my pictures properly aligned and this Quilt market update is an excellent example. My office is much higher-tech than my abilities sometimes, so it takes me a little bit of trial and error...mostly error, but I can usually work it out. Today I managed to get some pictures of my visit to Salt Lake City and quilt market, too many for one I'm turning back the hands of time again to post for yesterday...and today. If this makes no sense to you...that's OK. You didn't notice that my 5/7 post came out on 5/8 anyway.

So...Spring Quilt market was in Salt Lake City this time. I'd never been to SLC before so it was opportunity to see a new place as well as new quilt things. I like those!

First the quilt stuff. Debra and I had a great chance to talk with some old friends, designers that we've worked with before...Me and My Sister (Hi, Barb & Mary), Tammy Tadd, Miss Rosie (a.k.a Carrie), and the Lazy Girl herself (Joan, shown here at a booksigning for Bold Bags in the Checker booth) and some others (help, Debra! Bonnie from Cotton Way, Sheri Bignell, Joanna at Fig Tree, Phyllis Dobbs...who am I forgetting?) It's always great to check in with these guys to see what's new. And they're nice people, too! We also had a chance to talk to some new designers who I'd love to work with. I did my best to appear both charming and capable. We'll see what happens. The best thing about spring market is that you do get see some new faces since it moves around. We also got to see some new fabrics. That I want to buy. Right now. And then cut them up. Right now. But I have this huge-o-gigantic Ireland scrapbook thing and a baby sweater to finish first.

Be sure to check out Joan's updates at because she's got some great pictures up.

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