Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Ireland Scrapbook

It's really big, but I think it's done...unless I get any more outstanding shots of me. I think there are 2 in the roughly 100 pages of this scrapbook. I sort of like it that way. The problem with a scrapbook this big is that it takes a looonng time to show to anyone, especially if they'd like to know anything about the 6 pictures I cram onto the page. Oh, well. At least I can force a couple of family members to look at it. And I'll have it to remind myself of how much fun I had. And now I can go on to finishing up a baby sweater and then I can get back to the quilt from the trip and then I can...I think I have too many hobbies. You know it's bad when you have a chance to get out, dress up, go out, and your first thought is..."but I could be home knitting." I really think that has more to do with the possibility of boredom and rejection than my addiction to yarn.

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