Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Guinness Brewery

So...when I went to Avoca, I wanted something made in Avoca. When I went to Waterford, I wanted something made at Waterford. When I went to Guinness...where they make the drink...I decided a shirt would work. I taste-tested in the lab and that was enough for me. Still, it was interesting to hear the history and learn more about what goes into making Guinness...and watching Jean drink hers was pretty entertaining, too. The view from the bar at the top is amazing, the skyline of Dublin. Um...and I had a great muffin for lunch.

And this shot was not at Guiness. I have a shot of Jean, but not the two of us together and I didn't think she would be very happy if I put that one up. I'm hoping that since I'm the one who looks crazy-eyed in this one that she'll be OK. That's Irish Coffee (way too heavy on the Coffee and not as much Irish) and some kind of ale. Where the crazy eyes came from, I'm not sure. I think we both had about 2 sips. Could be the crazy-guy Dylan lurking in the background somewhere causing that effect.

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