Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sneak Peek: Adventurous Hats to Crochet

So, I FINALLY came back to the real world and I have a sneak peek of this fab-u-lous leafazine (the "official" term?) coming out soon. I'm partial to this one because it's the first "iWonder" article that I wrote and it has a shot that I took in Ireland for the last page, the "inspire" page. In a quirky coincidence, it's a quote from Moby Dick. The coincidence is that we visited the town (in Ireland, you knew it was coming back up, right?) where the movie was filmed. I offered this photo for the book, but they went with the tree instead. We're working up an iQuilt also, so be looking for that. I'm thinking about asking permission from Lori, the in-house "artiste" who does the illustration, to use this image on my blog. That would be cool.

Here's the pertinent info:
#4674 Adventurous Hats and Bags by Mary Nolfi (from the Crochet Asylum)
$10.95, 11 projects with amazing photos, 44 pages

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