Wednesday, May 30, 2007

To Rip or not to Rip

The bad thing about blogs is that people ask you for updates, people you'd prefer not to talk to about certain professional technical writers and your very beginner-first baby sweater. So I did forge ahead on my own and am a little less than impressed with the results.
Option 1: stick with my original plan and ball it up and throw it in the corner.
Option 2: soldier on and be less-than-pleased with the final result, ball it up and throw it in the corner.
Option 3: rip it out and start over with professional help, hoping that the yarn holds up and the sweater is not all yucked up beyond repair (and if it is, ball it up and throw it in a corner.)

Right now, I'm just not sure...learning a valuable lesson vs. moving on to something I might actually enjoy. It's a tough call.

1 comment:

Jane who? said...

Finish it. (1) It'll be one of a kind. (2) You'll enjoy looking at it when you're an expert. (3) You don't want a baby sweater that looks like everybody else's out there anyway.