Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Baby Sweater-Before

First, I have to say again how much I'm loving entering...well, whatever year I should have DSL. In my defense, it only became available in my neighborhood this month as far as I know. It's G-R-E-A-T! I'm still blogging from home. I took today off to wait for the DISH guy. I'm also entering whatever year I should have had DVR.
Of course, last night around midnight I remembered I was supposed to have approved timesheets on Friday, but a last minute project made that fly out of my head...until around midnight last night. So I got up and went into work this morning at 6:30, updated the timesheets (after battling with the stupid system...passwords are a plague), and made a clean getaway. And I discovered that driving home, and watching all the poor unfortunate souls in the morning "rush" to get to work really makes this feel like a vacation day for some reason. "Rush" is in quotes because in most cities, our rush would be light traffic.

OK, but back to the reason for my post. I've been working on this baby sweater since we went to Quilt Market in Salt Lake City. I started in on the plane, and I'm getting close to assembly. I have about 4" left of one sleeve to knit and then...putting it all together. I was sort of hoping to run into a heavy knitter this morning because I'm totally clueless on adding the neckband. And I'm fairly sure I won't want to wait, I'll try and fail, get frustrated and ball the thing up in a corner somewhere. Still, I want to move on to a quilt project or another knit project so I have to give it a try right?

Anyway, I was thinking of calling this post "You MIght be a Redneck Knitter if..." (you have to say that in a Jeff Foxworthy/Hee Haw accent). I was in Salt Lake City when I started this, and, as I usually do, I rushed when I was packing and didn't bring along all my knit stuff. And I made it through this much faster than I thought I would...I was nearing the end of my single ball of yarn and frantically plotting how to get more. Luckily, the whole Quilt Market thing kept me busy enough to help me forget my yarn withdrawal. So, I started with the fronts because the back required a measuring tape (which I didn't have but could have probably "found" somewhere at a place called "Quilt Market"). Then I made it to the end of the first side and needed a stitch holder (which I didn't have and probably could NOT have found). Facing the impending doom of having nothing to work on, I improvised using the Q-tips from the courtesy pack in the very nice hotel we stayed in. This might have just been neccessity and invention and all that jazz, but I'm home now. I could have changed out the Q-tips for stitch holders. The weird part is that I thought it was funny enough to show my friends. (And a note to any who might be offended with the "redneck" comment...it's actually a sort of term of endearment where I'm from.)

And we haven't had a gratuitous Darcy shot lately. Here she is, being a bad dog, refusing to take her medicine and lurking just outside the door until I give up. We're still fighting about it.

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