Monday, June 11, 2007

Arkansas Post post

So I took my hot dog self over to Arkansas Post for another "hike" on Saturday. This one was really no challenge at all. It was 1.4 miles of paved path and this is Delta country so it was F-L-A-T. I may revise my Lake Catherine hike up to 2.5 hot dogs after this one. The biggest challenge was the wildlife...ginormous mosquitoes and other things that bite like alligators. I never saw an alligator or snake but all you have to do is tell me they're there and it's over for me. I did a little off-trail walking to try to make it to the Confederate gun pits but the thoughts of those other critters out there with me made me turn back. Unless I end up with East Arkansas River virus (from the mosquitoes) or some kind of Spotted Fever (from ticks), then it was a totally successful day. Even got to flirt a little with a wildlife officer. It was a nice time. I wouldn't do it again because I got a little creeped out on the drive...through absolutely nothing but fields. No people, no cars on the road, just fields. I'll add some history tomorrow.

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