Wednesday, June 20, 2007

That's me in red...

So I told you I met Vanna, right? Here we are together at the...OK, not really. That's Donna Mills. I know that we just look so much alike that it's difficult to tell, but I just found this picture when I was searching for Vanna information.

But I did really have my picture made with Vanna. Here it is. Uh, that IS me in the red, just in case you couldn't tell since my hair is sticking straight up and all. Yours would too if you were asked to stand next to teeny, tiny Vanna. All I could do was stand there and try not to look like Godzilla. (Note to self: if you're ever invited to the Lion Brand fashion show again, take some time out to brush your hair.)

And here's the group picture that I threatened to post. No one offered me any money to keep it off the blog. You will notice it's cropped in a very strange manner. I do want to keep my job, and my bosses are in that picture. In fact, you are looking at some Very Important Persons in that picture. And then the rest are like me. Believe me, we all wanted only a head shot. And WHY am I next to Vanna? I guess I just like to look imposing in all my photos.

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