Monday, July 16, 2007

...and some quilts

The best part about holding down the chair at the quilt show was listening to everyone talk about the quilts. Yes, I'm from the South and so were they. Nearly every sentence started out with "Ohh!" and every word was at least 2 syllables. I'm so glad I'm not alone! "Ohh, would you look at that?" was the most popular comment, each word 2 syllables..."Oh-h, wou-ould you-ou loo-ook a-at tha-at?" and then you have to swing up at the end. I'm really so glad to hear "look" turn into 2 syllables as I've been known to do the same thing (over and over) with "book."
I loved seeing the quilts here. Most were very traditional, but there were also some surprises (are those crystals on that quilt? yes, they are).

Did you notice the quilt ladies in the posts yesterday? I made the pictures small, hoping to sneak them by. I didn't take any pictures at lunch. It was a good lunch, pasta was had by all.

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pat sloan said...

Oh I SAW my FAVORITE quilters all packed into that booth... shopping around. Tell Jean it's OK to touch... she had her arms tuck under like if she touched she'd HAVE to buy.

Speaking of buying.. oi vey! Watch my next few weeks of on and off again posts on SHOPPING SPREE.. I'm on a roll and can't be stopped it seems!