Monday, July 16, 2007

Road trip!

This weekend we went down to Hot Springs to see the quilt show put on by the area's guild. I think there were 21 vendors there. We saw...Blossom Quiltworks from Sherwood, Pinwheel Quilts from Alexander, and Playtime Quilts from Conway. It's funny to go to Hot Springs to see someone who's pretty much around the corner from home (and Pinwheel is for me as far as independent quilt stores go), but I was glad to see those booths packed while we were there. I'm not a great shopper. It doesn't take me long to spends loads of cash (which, sadly, I did not do this my shopper broken?) and then I'm holding down the nearest chair, watching the people go by. Unfortunately, at this show, I didn't see anything too exciting...everyone was well-dressed, well-behaved, and appeared perfectly normal. I probably should have wandered over to watch the shoppers for referee supplies (yes, the yellow flags, whistles, and black and white striped shirts) that was also going on at the convention center.

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