Monday, July 09, 2007

Did you see us on Whip Up?

Ever since I've been blogging, I've been reading Whip Up. It's a blog about...well, mostly anything that can be loosely considered artsy, craftsy, or some combination of the two. I like it because there are several contributors who post on their interests...unlike mine, which is all me, all the time. Luckily, I am many people all rolled into one. Anyway, Pat Sloan sent me a link to see a review about Men who Knit and the Dogs who Love Them...she knows me very well. Anything that has a dog on the cover and I can't resist. So...I'm paging down because it's been a week or so since I visited...and there we were! Together, in one of the infamous podcasts! Pat DID NOT warn me about that one.

I've only had one other experience like that. And, oddly enough, she was also involved. Pat requested photos for one of the magazines that was showing her fabric line. Me...flipping through, flipping through, flipping through that magazine...HELLO! That's my face in that magazine. Sure, Pat was there too, and it was just a shot from one of the books we'd done, but I can spot my face (or worse, my other side, in a second). I'm pretty sure I was eating or drinking something (it's a pretty safe guess) that almost came out my nose. Today I had already finished my Lean Cuisine so nothing choked me, but still...I had to leave a comment because I'm a dork. Here's the link, just in case you don't believe me...

Pat's Podcast on Whip Up

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Regina said...

Uh oh - this is a dangerous website... like I need exposure to more ideas!!!

Very cool that you are on it!