Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Time, the great equalizer

I'm not sure what's made me reminisce about old times for the past couple of days (of course, it could be the fact that I need a blog post). I thought about driving down to Arkadelphia this weekend to take some pictures and see how the college I went to, Ouachita Baptist Univeristy (you say it like this...wa-shi-ta...for everyone who's not from around here) has changed...but I didn't. I think there are a couple of things causing this. It could be any of these or some combination:
1. Mundane Jane's post from last week about the world turning and bringing people back into your life...or something like that. There are a few people that I'd like to see come around again.
2. Going to a new church Sunday and seeing the soloist. I went to college with him. And 12 years is certainly a great equalizer. Every church I go to has someone that I went to school with...every Baptist church. It's a small world.
3. Getting an alumni e-mail which triggered a memory of the Yahoo group that my "woman's social club" set up. We don't have fraternities or sororities at OBU. We have "social clubs" instead. But I could tell you stories. I won't. But I could. I signed up for both.
4. Enjoying the memories that come up. I had some really good times at OBU. Really. Good. Like the time that I was trudging across the cross country track/field in my Freshman Concepts of Wellness class (I remember it vividly. Not fondly, but very vividly). I was bringing up the rear with my going-to-be roomate/buddy and another slacker on the road back up to the gym. And I, as I sometimes do, had inspiration for a "Wouldn't it be funny?" moment. As a car was coming up behind us, I stuck out my thumb...in a hitch-hiker manner. The car pulled over. It was the president of the university. What do you do? He must have seen how close we were to death and judged us incapable of climbing the coming hill. He pulled over. We climbed in. And then we hid as we passed the rest of the class walking up the hill. Sometimes I wish I thought things through better before executing them. The only other time I was that close to the president was over a little matter we had to discuss while I was president of my "woman's social club". Thank goodness his wife was a Gamma at one time. I could tell that story, too. But I won't.

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