Monday, July 30, 2007

Finally, a new place to walk

One of the problems of moving to a place where you only know non-walkers and non-salad eaters is that when you ask for recommendations, they are zero help. My family: non-walkers, non-salad eaters. Me: an off-and-on walker and salad eater, especially in the throes of another Biggest Loser competition. For some reason, I decided to go for a drive before going home from my usual Wal-Mart run on Saturday.
And I stumbled across a lake with a walking path. In Benton. For more than a year, I've moaned about the lack of places to walk around here. The park is limited to a city park by the high school,not much scenery to be had. So I drive to Bryant, to my shady place there to walk Darcy. Now, this park is not nearly as well organized (no trail info listed or anything) and it lacks for shade, but it's still an option. It's a little more wild, close enough to the interstate to hear some traffic noise, and not in the yuppiest part of town, but there were lots of people out fishing on Saturday afternoon. My people are fishers and ball parkers (it's just across the street on the back side of the ball park) did they not know about this?

I think I'm going to publish a walker/salad-eater guide to Benton. It will be short, but could still come in very handy to other like-minded folk.

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