Thursday, July 19, 2007

Traveling again

So we're off to Chicago for the summer Craft and Hobby Association trade show. If it's in the world of crafting, no matter how loosely translated, you can see it at this show. I've never been to the summer show, but I have seen the winter show (in Anaheim this year) a few times. Today I'm reminding myself of imporant lessons.
1. Wear comfortable shoes. I used to spend time worrying about my "professional" style...I only worry about that when I'm out of the building. Inside the building, I just worry about making it to work on time wearing clothes of some sort. Now at trade shows, I plan more carefully what I'll wear to go with my crummy, comfy shoes.
2. Move fast. I'm only good for about 1.5 days of travel. Once I hit the afternoon of the second day, my attention span grows very, very short. My feets and my back just distract me from all the good stuff around.
3. Just get ready to suffer for my travel. Flying is never my friend. Leaving Little Rock around 6:15 a.m. and returning around 11:10 p.m. the next day. I hope to avoid waking up hours late and making the 30 minute trip to the airport in 10 minutes or less. I'm tired already, but I'll be glad I did it on Sunday...when I am neck-deep in the last Harry Potter book. If one more person says one more thing to me about midnight parties or getting their copy on Saturday, thus beating me at the start line, I might lose it. And, by the way, Mundane Jane is headed for the train. She doesn't do planes well. She'll probably have some interesting posts to check out.
4. Carry plenty of projects to work on. Since I had such a close scare in Salt Lake City of running out of something to work on, I've planned my knit project more carefully than my "professional" style. A girl has to have her priorities.

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