Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nope, no Wal-Mart

I had always thought that Wal-Mart's span had reached the ends of the earth. While on vacation, I found a 40 mile stretch of road with no Wal-Mart. No nothing actually. It was a little scary to me, especially on Thursday when I ran out of books. There were three things I made sure I had plenty of...Diet Coke, yarn, and books. I can make do for everything else, but I have to have these 3 things. And then I finished my last book on Thursday. That could be why I made it home so early on Friday. The best part about working around people who share the same addiction that you do is that they know the right questions to ask. A couple of people asked me what I took to knit on. Here's the before picture. I'm still working on this shell. As I'm "Make 1" impaired apparently, mine's a little holey-er than it should be (not the same thing as holier), mine may never actually see the light of day.

Now I'm convinced that while Wal-Mart may not reach to the ends of the earth, Subway might. I have an aversion to eating food from gas's just something about the combination. I felt even more strongly about eating food from a marina, but I braved the marina Subway and lived to tell the tale. Cookies are just one of those things that I can eat from anywhere. Like my gas station food aversion doesn't extend to Baskin Robbins ice cream.

And then here's one of the "friendly" resort dogs at Mountain Harbor. This one actually was pretty friendly. Darcy, not so much. She had miles to go before she could sleep and she was moving on. I do think this is a cute picture of the dog (and my stomach and foot...I'm such a fab photographer).

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