Monday, August 13, 2007

Thank you, spam

You know how some days it seems like just absolutely nothing is funny? The whole world has gone un-funny. That hardly ever happens to me but it does. Usually I'm buried under e-mails and meetings at the time. And then, something happens. A bright ray...I didn't expect one to come through e-mail, but it did. We've been going through some system changes around here, and one of those is the e-mail system. We must have had an amazing spam filter before. Now we don't. I get spam. Lots of spam. We all do. Usually it's...enhancements that I'm not looking for or some other wonderful offer. I never open them because I can tell it's spam from the subject line. Right?

Then I got one this week that changed my life...somehow it was from "Cheryl_Johnson", so it said "Cheryl_Johnson, Psychotic Starlet." That strikes me as funny. Maybe my funny is impaired, or maybe it's not as funny to you because you can't see all the practical uses that I see. I don't have a name plate outside my office and my title is really pretty long...psychotic starlet has a nice ring to it and it's much more unique than Queen of Everything. I also entertain myself in quiet moments (not really) by thinking of titles for my autobiography. They aren't really appropriate here (ask me and I might tell you but they shouldn't be written down). You'd definitely want to read "Cheryl Johnson: Psychotic Starlet", wouldn't you? Too bad the blog already has a name.

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