Friday, August 10, 2007

Another "To Do" list

So next week I'm outta here on vacation. And I'm looking forward to it. I think it was purchasing the sun screen that did it. A little lake time, a little hiking time, a little nap time...well, OK more nap time than hiking probably. Friend Mary is going to take over the official posting for me because I think I'm going to be totally unplugged next week. If only my laptop hadn't died...maybe that was for my own good?
Cheryl's To-Do list:
1. Perfect my routine in the pool in case I'm ever asked to try out for a synchronized swim team.
2. Watch Darcy do the doggie paddle (ha! Get it?) around Lake Ouachita (wa-shi-ta for non-Arkansans).
3. Rest my eyes.
4. Eat. A. Lot.
5. Shop a little.
6. Read. Probably at a book-a-day pace.
7. Knit some.
8. Soak up someone else's air conditioning.
9. Catch up on my DVDs.
10. Do my best to enjoy August 16 and the rest of my week off.

I'm thinking about "accidentally" leaving my cell phone at home. But then I'd have a real "accident" and need it, right? Better not try that. It looks like a busy week. Maybe I should just stay here to work...

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