Sunday, August 26, 2007

Very very late

I should have posted much sooner than tonight but my blogging brain hasn't kicked in this weekend. I'll do better tomorrow. I've spent the weekend doing business. There are certain things I hate and so I put them off. I'm much better at procrastination than I have ever been before.
I finally got Darcy to the vet for an ear infection. As her ear requires 2 treatments a day for 10 days, I expect her to run away from home at just any time. We also took a walk in the park because it was only a balmy 100 degrees.
I visited 3 different banks in the course of the weekend and did things that I should have done months ago as they've been worrying me. Now...taken care of in one weekend. I also did some of those stupid nagging things that other people just do because they have to be done. I seem to put them off...things like changing the air filter. And watering plants. I'll show you tomorrow why no one should ever give me plants.

So it wasn't exciting, but now I can come up with a entirely new list of things to postpone and worry about at the same time. Someone asked last week about the progress I'm making on the shell I started on vacation. I'm not sure it will be wearable...but on the bright side, it's almost done! Only 9" left on the front (the part with the pattern that's showing), joining the shoulders and 4 rows of neck and I'm done. Thank goodness. I'm ready to start something else! The pattern is from my favorite knitting magazine, Creative Knitting, and the yarn came from Knitpicks.

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