Monday, August 20, 2007

The view from the deck

Since it's Sunday afternoon and I'm mourning the end of my vacation, I'm reliving the good times with some photos. I took some of these while I lounged on the deck, shortly after sunrise. I've been spoiled by a dog who basically takes care of herself at home. On vacation...she had to be walked. A lot. And neither one of us were really used to the exercise. We'd get back to the bottom of the hill below the cabin and she'd give me this look like "Really? I have to do this AGAIN?"

So on this morning, I carried the breakfast of champions (skim milk, Froot Loops, and a C-O-L-D Diet Coke) out with me and used the stake-out thingy that I use when I'm out in the front yard at home with Darcy to attach her to the stairs. My reasoning: she could wander but not get into too much trouble because I would never leave her out there all by herself. There were some extra large squirrels on the loose after all. So I'm relaxed...

Then she comes trotting across the deck and a small lightbulb goes off. There's no way that she could be up on the deck and still attached to the stairs. And, indeed, she wasn't. Her harness was still down by the stairs. She however was already back inside the subzero temperatures waiting for a Milkbone. I never tried that whole stake-out thing again.

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