Friday, August 03, 2007

Well, I work in publishing...

You know how we all have the same conversation no matter where we live or what we do any time we meet new people? It begins something like "Hi, my name is Cheryl" and somewhere in there "And what do you do?" My answer is "Well, I work in publishing." Sometimes I expound on that if it appears this person might have some small idea about the craft world and it's total huge-ness. I think unless you're in it, it's hard to see how big it is. And unless you're in it, it appears to sound very exciting. Some days it is. Some days are printer days. Today is a printer day. My brain is tired, thus this blog post. I'll do better next week. I mean it. I did finally finish up my creative writing assignments (due 2 weeks ago most likely).

Printer days are the best example of "hurry up and wait". Many months of production boiled down to survival on one day. Unless you're lucky enough to have beaten the deadline. I think we've had 14 deadlines to beat this month. That would be 14 for knit, crochet, and quilt...not the whole operation. So far, I think we've hit 12 of them. Not too bad, right? And we are glad to see the backs of those 12, waving them goodbye as they exit the building. No matter how much we love them when they come in, we're glad to see them that you can have them, of course.

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