Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sneak Peek: Tour Ireland with Pat Sloan

I'm terrible at keeping secrets. Just ask anyone who has not finished the final Harry Potter book. If you stand still too long next to me, I'll give the complete list of people who die, who lives happily ever after, how they got there, and any other thing I can think to blurt out. So I say all that to explain how difficult it has been to hold off on this very sneak peek.

We took the trip in April, Pat and Gregg Sloan, Jim West, 45 cool quilters, one cool coach driver, Jean as writer and me. It was a good thing I had a camera or I would have been unnecessary. Amazing trip already chronicled at length here...see the entire month of May. Then we made it back to Little Rock and the work began. Work on a very cool book.

I'm still amazed that we made it in the time we did...thousands of photos to whittle down to a somewhat reasonable takes a while and it does take a village to get these out the door. So...available in August in a quilt store near you (I hope...ask for it, ask for it!), Tour Ireland with Pat Sloan, a soft-cover publication, 128-pages, very reasonably priced at $24.95. This publication includes easy-to-follow instructions for 12 projects, a journal with photos and descriptions of the places we visited, and some very lovely, highly professional models.

So the first photos are of the cover (taken at Brendan the Shepherd's) and the title page (at Adare. It's really too bad we weren't prepared to shoot quilts there after we staggered off the plane) and then the next ones are of the travel days with Jean's copy describing all the trouble we got into. OK, not all. Some of the trouble we got into. And then this is a sample of what the project pages look like. Getting this Streets of Ireland shot was an experience.


pat sloan said...

OH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYY the book is out of this world wonderful!!!!

.. me.... and remember you can come to Ireland with me in 2008... end of March... oh yes you can!

Jane who? said...

I didn't see the thatched cottage shot before. Very nice.


Diane from Ky said...

I LOVE IT!!!! It brings back great memories. Miss you, tell Jean hello. Can;t wait to get a copy of the book!!