Sunday, September 16, 2007


That's part of the school's fight song. Never would have thought you could work that into a song, right? So I went back to the campus to see what's the same, what's different. I think it's been 10 years since I went back for homecoming. And it's funny how much I still felt at home. A few things were building, pretty buildings...and some were exactly the same.
This chapel and building were where everyone takes classes in Old Testament, New Testament, and Philosophy. I'll always remember my Philosophy class, mainly for the super-cool tye-dye wearing theater student who was about 5 years older than everyone else...I noticed because he was so rebellious, right? Tye-dye at Ouachita? Wow. Well, he also liked my poetry. As I recall, I turned bright red and swallowed my tongue when he said that. (Wonder if that could be part of the reason I'm still single? I have that reaction around boys. Still. )
It's Homecoming time, so the campus was pretty busy. I drove past the boys dorms, separated from the girls by a ravine (but there IS a bridge), and thought about TWIRP week and Tiger Tunes. There's no dancing on campus. Unless it's a part of the Homecoming show called Tiger Tunes where all the "social clubs" on campus dress in costume, dance and sing. That's just performance. While I was a Gamma, we were dancing hippos and nuns. And every club and every year, you'd hear "Footloose" with every lyric possible...dancing hippos singing something set to the tune of "Footloose", rabbits, puppets, army men...all singing and dancing to something set to the tune of "Footloose".

Does everyone feel this way about a certain place? It was great to go back. It's special to me. I think it's because I really met myself there. Poetic, right? I have to be. I was an English major. You don't get fame and riches, you get a vocabulary and excellent use of metaphor and hyperbole. Right, MJ? Anyway, this walk down memory lane reminded me of some important things, but they really belong on the other blog. So, to both of you who read It's Not About Cheryl, check it out.

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Jane who? said...

Vocabulary and metaphor, I got. But I'm afraid I don't have any experience with that--what'd you call it--hyperbole? Maybe you were thinking of some other English major...