Wednesday, October 03, 2007


In the time-honored workplace tradition of celebration, we had a potluck to show and tell what we've been working on for Knitting for Noggins. Potlucks are so much PRESSURE for me because I don't cook. Have I mentioned that I don't cook? It's not that I can't cook. I don't cook. I don't want to cook. I REALLY don't want to cook for my co-workers. Then they will know that I can cook and expect me to do it for more than major occasions. So, I stuck with usual plan. Thank you, Wal-Mart bakery. Next time I will patronize some other fine baking establishment as my friend Jean refuses to have anything to do wtih the evil empire and she kindly makes her potluck choices based on my nutritional needs (spinach dip=my vegetable intake for the week other than salad, salad, salad) and strange food aversions (mushrooms...ick). That's real friendship. Next time, it's Kroger bakery all the way for me. The first hat photo shows Lois, Sarah, and Susan at the showing and telling part of our lunch. And then Becky and her pumpkin hat.

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