Thursday, October 04, 2007

What Peer Pressure Looks Like

I made 4 hats already, people! That was the goal. And as usual, I worked diligently to come in way before the deadline. So now I get to make another hat. The professionals, who can make a cabled hat in an AFTERNOON, say to me, "Well you have 2 more weeks. You can make more hats."

The feeling just came back in my left hand before lunch yesterday. So I decided that was reason to celebrate. By making another hat. This time I'm knitting in the round and I'm going to attempt double-pointed needles. At least I'm learning something new. And some little child will have a hat too. I don't really need that left hand anyway.


Barb said...

Absolutely LOVE that color blue... great blog too. Barb

pat sloan said...

So I DO miss co-workers... didn't know I did.. but I'd ONLY want Leisure Arts for co-workers.. HEHE!

And I WANT the pumpkin hat too!!!

ps... I can't knit (don't even try it with me again)... but can crochet and I told Jean I was getting that stuff out... I will ... in Nov..