Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Progress on the sweater

So last night I scurried home via Wal-Mart to pick up another white t-shirt for my Quilt Festival uniform and then went back to work on my house. This is why I hate traveling as often as I do. The pressure! My house, which has been systematically destroyed by me and my furry dog, has to be cleaned up. I might be killed in some freak quilting accident and then someone might actually have to come into my house in the state it's normally in unless I do a major overhaul before I leave. And as my normal mode of doing laundry consists of washing every piece of clothing that I own because I've surpassed all my normal combinations and sunk to things that don't quite match, it's a big job. I worked all weekend on said laundry and picking up...mainly yarn and projects in progress. Tonight I have to get Darcy settled with the babysitter (don't tell Darcy) and then grieve all the way home. Then I have to vacuum the entire house and wash lots of dishes. And pack. And now I'm little concerned about my blue jean situation for my Quilt Festival uniform (mainly how the jeans I have actually fit). And as there's no one left at my house to keep things going while I'm gone, everything has to be all tied up before I leave.

On the bright side, my house will be really clean when Darcy and I get home. For about 5 minutes.

So all that to say, I'd rather be knitting. So far, I've finished the back and half of the right front on the Interweave sweater (purple on the cover, brown in my world). It's moving pretty well because of the gauge (I think that's what you call it...big yarn and big needles=fast). I expect the wheels to fall off of this project about 2 seconds after I start to pick up stitches for the ribbing skirt and collar. It will happen. I'm knitting it in Berroco Peruvia...chipotle is the color.

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