Monday, October 08, 2007

Sneak Peek: Tot Stuff, Tattoo Tees

So I'm taking a break from the hat parade for Monday. Here's a sneak peek of the first of a new series of books called the Modern Crafter. First up is Tot Stuff, designs by Linda Lum DeBono. The whole series has a fresh look and these projects are updated with great fabrics. If you like your tot stuff without the usual soft pastels and featuring some fun and funky touches like yo-yos, check this one out. Item 4426, 52 pages, $10.95.

And my other sneak peek actually belongs to Mundane Jane. Technically. It came through her area so it's really hers to sneak and peek. I just wanted to steal the cover...
Super top secret publishing information...we tend to use the same models for different publications. They might be quilt, they might be knit, they might be crochet, they might be anything, but the same models can turn up over and over. And these have so it's interesting to see them on a cover, trying to look tough. I'm used to seeing them trying to rock a crocheted sweater or fuzzy scarf. It's a different look for them. The one in the middle is going to turn up in a future Pat Sloan book learning to paper piece. I'm pretty sure she'll be smiling in that one.

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Linda said...

Love the preview! Wasn't the model on the left in the iKnit leaflet?She looks familiar yet different.