Thursday, October 04, 2007

Google searching

OK, so in the search for a blog post, I was thinking. It's dangerous for me. One thing leads to another and I'm off the beaten path into the wilds of the unknown. Have you ever Googled yourself? I actually started this time with a "Knitting for Noggins" search. I'm doing lots of those posts lately (sorry, the whole place is hat obsessed right now). And my blog comes up on the second page of the Google search. That's not too bad, right? And that's how I found this YouTube video about the program, so the results were pretty good. Some know, famous people like Lazy Girl Joan Hawley and Pat Sloan...are probably easy to find. Even Mundane Jane is easy to find. Here's what I find for me....
If I type "Living in a Material World," Page 1.
If I type in my name "Cheryl Johnson", then my blog is on Page 2. Not too bad, but you also have to get through some things I don't really want to be associated with to find me.
If I type in "Leisure Arts blog," Page 2.
If I type in "Material World," Page 4.

So now, of course, the question is how to get to Page 1. Somehow I end up on page 1 if I search for "Mundane Jane."
I'm headed for Quilt Festival this year so I also need some ideas for shameless self-promotion. Anybody got any? Maybe I'll just go ask MJ.

1 comment:

Jane who? said...

Try Leisure Arts knitting for noggins.

Page One, hit one.

See how easy that was?