Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yes, I did

Ever since I became the Knit/Crochet person around here, people ask me "Did you make that?" when I wear sweaters. And I answer "Yes, last night." I'm lying. Of course. But here is my first completed adult-size sweater. I wore it to work today. And I took this picture before leaving for work when I was apparently very excited about the thought of working. Weird.

I learned some important things. 1. Choose the right size. 2. Measure as you go. 3. Bumpy yarn...good for hiding mistakes, feels a little like a bath robe when you're done. 4. Don't try photography at 6;15 a.m. I do feel a little like that time I had to wear my Home Ec project to school. So far everyone's been very complimentary, but I still feel a little like I'm wearing a flashing sign that says "Yes, this is my first sweater ever. Be kind."

The pattern came from one of my favorite knitting magazines, Creative Knitting, and the yarn is Crayon from Knit Picks.

Here's my next sweater, a project from Interweave Knits, another favorite. Maybe I'll learn from my mistakes and this will be my first perfect project.

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