Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Sign for Me

I hope everybody has newsletters that they subscribe to but hardly ever read. Sometimes they just clutter up my in-box. Sometimes I read them. It's really up to me...another stash of sorts. I get Daily Candy...daily... and hardly ever really look at it. Today the info was about, a place to go to find really cool stuff, much of it reclaimed or reused or redone. Maybe it's pillows made from seat belts or pillows made from other pillows, or maybe it's just really cool stuff. I found another sign that I so need to have with me all the time...a counter to my panic button. The store itself looks pretty interesting too. Of course it's in Los Angeles. I don't think I'll get to see it anytime soon.

As far as my other stash goes, I made some progress on the first sweater I started for me. I've made it to the assembly stage, the point where the wheels fall off of every one of my projects. But I'm thiiisss close (holding thumb and finger so very very close that only something extremely thin could get between them) to finishing it, balling it up in a corner, and marking it off my list. So...I bought more yarn. Probably 2 times the yarn I just almost finished in the sweater. It would not do to run out.

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